Over 60 branch members attended this year's AGM. The meeting confirmed the election of officers and stewards for the coming year, and voted to award honoraria to officers and stewards who had served the previous year.

The treasurers report (see end)  and branch plan for the coming year were accepted by the meeting.


The following delegates and visitors to conferences were agreed:

Health Conference 25th – 27th April 2016 Brighton

3 Delegates:

  • Steve Curtis
  • Rosita Ellis
  • Sue Groves

National Delegates Conference 21st – 24th June 2016 Brighton

3 Delegates:

  • Stephen Parkinson
  • Susan Parkinson
  • Kim (c/o Sue P)

Regional Council Nominations

  • Susan Parkinson
  • Stephen Parkinson
  • Jane Lacey
  • Abdul Rahman
  • 3 delagtes spaces to vacant


Regional Healthcare Committee

7 Delegates:

  • Susan Parkinson
  • Jane Lacey
  • Abdul Rahman
  • Usha Cohan
  • Fred Mafabi
  • Olusola Adejare

Oxford & District TUC:

  • Stephen Parkinson
  • Susan Parkinson
  • Jane Lacey
  • Ian McKendrick

Treasurer’s report by Corrine Jack

In the last year having the online banking system transactions has become more popular alternative to our members.

The branch income for this year £93,000.00 (this is about 25% of subscription income.

The branch expenditure for the year is as follows:

  • Salary     £26,223
  • secondments for Jane Lacey – Branch Secretary
  • Corrine Jack – Admin support Town Hall
  • Training     £2,702
    We have contributed to training new stewards and Stewards attending Unison courses this has always been a priority
    Affiliation    £264.00
  • We have affiliated to the Labour Research Department (which provides updates on Employment Law)
  • Donations    £2,950
    We have donated to a range of organisations
  • Oxford and District Trade Council
  • Claudia Jones Event
  • Mary Secole Fund
  • Action for Bladder Cancer
  • Conferences    £20,542
    This year our representation to conferences with an increase of new members having an interest to attend 
  • Health Conference
  • Womens Conference
  • Disabled  Conference
  • Black Members Conference
  • Delegates Conference
  • LGBT Conference
  • Young Members Training Weekend
  • Local Activities    £4,000   
  • SOG Bowling evening
  • Bournemouth Excursion
  • Bath Excursion
  • Anti-austerity demonstrations London and Manchester

The branch has to be audited by members who are not part of the committee to ensure the branch is spending in accordance with the requirements of members

Auditors for 2016 accounts have been agreed; Mandy Dicks and Jo Eugene have agreed to do this role again next year
Susan Parkinson thanked everyone for their hard work and the social began.