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The branch secretary is the main contact person with the wider union.

They handle branch administration and work with the branch chair and other leading officers to provide leadership. They may also be a senior negotiator.

The details of the role may vary depending on branch size, but typically it will cover areas such as:

acting as the strategic lead officer and co-ordinator within the branch;

encouraging partnership working within the branch committee and the development of new representatives and stewards;

managing any branch staff;

managing the delegation of work to other branch officers and branch staff as appropriate, while providing support and guidance;

guiding the branch’s development by preparing and implementing a branch organisation and development plan;

making sure the representation of members within the branch is in accordance with national guidance and in partnership with regional staff;

convening and attending all meetings of the branch and branch committees and making sure proper minutes are kept and circulated;

making sure branch records are kept in a proper manner;

making sure the branch processes membership applications speedily and accurately and maintains records in accordance with UNISON’s systems;

making sure there is regular communication with branch members, including news of campaigns, negotiations, issues, branch developments and activities;

communicating with the wider union, including the region and centre, on behalf of the branch;

making sure that branch members are aware of opportunities to take part in the activities of the wider union, including self-organisation if appropriate;

supporting, mentoring and encouraging stewards and reps in the branch on an individual and collective basis; co-ordinating all branch negotiations and industrial relations matters;

leading the branch committee in making sure that the branch observes the union’s rules, supports UNISON campaigns and works towards achieving UNISON’s objectives.

As Branch Health & Safety Officer

it’s my role to link with all the H&S reps in the branch and liaise with the other branch officers as well as regional, to keep H&S issues in the view of the branch, cover overlaps with officer roles like Equalities or Learning, share good practice and ensure that H&S reps have the support of the branch.  I also deal with the branch’s available H&S information and news about issues and training to help H&S reps stay up-to-date.  Liaising with Regional is also important to keep communication and information flow with the national H&S structure.  I also support recruiting more reps.  I also plan on expanding and distributing the available digital copies of the H&S materials to ensure that reps have access to as much as possible during COVID where paper copies might not be available, and of course there has been a national Unison focus on COVID H&S news.

Dan Fearnley
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(01865 7)43347


Women’s Officer

Oxfordshire Health Branch

Contact Details

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Mobile No:      07584011570

Office No:       01865 220123 (During Covid-19 Pandemic use    

                          email or mobile number)

My role as Branch Women’s Officer (BWO) 2021/22 is to offer the opportunity to bring about important changes for women in the workplace.  The BWO can network and work collaboratively with other branch women’s officers in the area. They can become involved in the regional women’s committee/forum or network, attend national women’s conference and help UNISON agree its work plan priorities for the national women’s committee.  The branch women’s officer’s (BWO) role includes:

Building links with women’s sector organisations and where appropriate signposting to specialist organisations for women (domestic abuse/Rape Crisis) and assisting in negotiations on employer policies on violence against women;

Ensuring that the branch has a wide range of resources for women, such as books, videos and leaflets, and making these resources accessible to all women in the branch;

Organising a women’s group and identifying concerns

Identifying women members of the branch, and liaising with the branch committee on progress towards proportionality;

Being a focal point for women’s issues for members and raising issues affecting women, particularly those with service conditions implications with the branch committee;

Supporting women in their issues generally and campaigning on issues that are important to women.

Moving forward after a quorate AGM I will require support from Ian to have a page on the Website to put relevant documents perhaps in a library/folder, and do a monthly newsletter this could be jointly with SOG groups if required.

As my second year on the National Women’s Committee and 3rd year on National Disabled Committee, I receive an overwhelming amount of materials and I need to distribute this information during COVID last year it has been impossible to hold appropriate meetings/conferences but hopefully 2021 will be a more positive year for all of us.


Susan Parkinson

Contact Details

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile No:  07584011570

Office No:  01865 220123 (During Covid not always manned please use email or mobile)

As the UNISON Convenor for the OUH my main role and aim is the fundamental building block of workplace organisation.  I am committed to identifying, supporting and training as many members as possible to take on the role of steward/H&S representative or workplace contact. As Convenor I am also active in different ways and to different degrees depending on a variety of situations and using my vast experience ranging from high-level negotiations to local contacts in the workplace.

Tasks relating to the role of Convenor:

 to support new stewards with buddy system to ensure that after training there is further training on going this will be a challenge with Covid as most meetings are via TEAMs but hopefully in the coming months more face to face meetings will if safe to do so will be happening. 

hold steward/H&S reps meetings on a regular basis to update and also include training elements

to negotiate with employers on Organising Changes in the workplace

sit on the Joint Union Committee/Trust Alliance Committee

attend all relevant meetings involving member’s terms and conditions and ensuring Agenda for Change is ultimately adhered to.

to be the first and main point of contact for members with the union

to recruit new members

to work with members to establish an organised workplace

to support and advise members on workplace issues

to act as a spokesperson for the members they represent and for the branch

to represent members with the employer, dependent on their experience and confidence

to represent members within the branch committee if deemed reasonable to do without the need for Regional support

to work in partnership with other branch officers and also with Regional/National staff

to attend Branch Committee meetings and report as necessary (written report in advance) if necessary

to attend any relevant training as necessary to enhance my role

Branch communications officer  07503169657

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The branch communications officer’s role includes:

explaining UNISON’s policies and providing the information members need to play an active role in their union;

helping the branch’s recruitment and organising;

supporting UNISON’s national and regional campaigns;

creating a positive image for the branch and wider union among members, potential members and the public;

producing news-sheets, bulletins or digital communication for distribution to branch members;

making sure branch communications are in the accessible formats members need;

making sure that centrally and regionally produced publicity, communications and campaign materials are distributed, as appropriate, to stewards, members and non-members;

monitoring and liaising with local media.

Nelson Kahonde


Oxfordshire Health Branch

Contact Details:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile No: 07886813898

Office No: 01865 902508

My role as Branch BM SOG OFFICER is

  • Building a support networking for our members inclusive of workers from Africa, Carribean, Asian and migrant from European communities.
  • Organising forums ,meetings on a monthly basics on zoom,such as identifying concerns raised by members. Discuss issues affecting Black workers in their workplaces.
  • Mobilising our members to attend events for example, Take the knee Events to show solidarity with the Black Lives matter.
  • Discuss issues affecting Black workers

Young members Office

Hello My name is Rian Schutz, I am the Young Members Officer.

If you are a young member (under 27) and have any issues then I would be more than happy to help assist with this.

Please do get in touch with myself if you feel I would be able to assist in anyway.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.       Contact Number: 07730272566