Support the youth strike for climate

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Date: 21 Jun 2019 11:00

Venue: Bonn Square, Central Oxford (opposite Westgate centre)

The best available evidence says we have less than 12 years to avoid catastrophic climate change which will undermine the viability of life on Earth. To avoid this we need a massive effort from government and corporations to move energy use away from fossil fuels - the main engine of planetary warming.

Around the world millions of school students have joined strike action to demand governments and corporations put into motion the urgent action required before it is too late. As the students rightly point out - there is no planet B. Despite well meaning phrases from world leaders and bosses global carbon dioxide production is rising not falling. More pressure is needed to force them to act on this emergency.

Your branch committee has agreed to mobilise members in support of the student protests. The next protest will take place on April 12th. Please join the UNISON Health climate protest support group in Bonn Square, opposite the Westgate centre, central Oxford from 11 AM.





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