Oxford International Women's Festival programme 2015

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Please note that there are some corrections to dates in the programme:

Challenging the cross - border exploitation of women, a discussion on the realities of 'free' migration takes place on SATURDAY 14TH MARCH (not 4 March.)

Saturday 7 and 12 March (two-part event)

2.00pm–5.00pm. Contestations around female genital mutilation in the UK and elsewhere

The times for start and finish may be incorrect. Please check with the venue. We will try to find out further information and circulate to you before the event.

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Women’s History Part 2                     20 – 22 March                   Eastbourne (Residential)

Assertiveness Skills                           21 -23 April                      Guildford

Pregnancy & Maternity Rights             8 – 9 July                         Guildford

Women’s History Part 1                     11 – 12 July                      Eastbourne (Residential)

Equal Pay                                         10 September                   Guildford

Women, Work and health                   6-7 October                      Guildford

Domestic Abuse                                27 – 29 October                Guildford

Sex Discrimination in Workplace         17-18 November               Guildford