The branch Black memebrs Self Organised Group took place on Wednesday 20th June. The meeting was well attended and brought forward the following action points to be raised and considered at the branch steward’s training day this week:

  1. The Black SOG calls on Oxfordshire Unison Health stewards/convenors to requests that their respective staff-side partnership forum meetings ask for and receive on a quarterly basis ethnicity data indicating Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) recruitment, retention, promotion and access to training. Also ethnicity data on a quarterly basis indicating numbers of BME NHS staff subject to disciplinary procedures/hearings – or involved in grievance cases. This action ties in with the work the Oxfordshire NHS BME Staff Network is doing with the Equality & Diversity managers at the Oxford University Hospital and Oxfordshire PCT to monitor, evaluate, and impact assess on a regular basis the ethnicity data held by both NHS Trusts.
  2. Requests Oxfordshire Unison Health Branch briefs all reps and stewards on Unison’s Race Discrimination Protocol – which all stewards involved in supporting BME members involved in disputes or cases with NHS employers/managers should refer to. This protocol has been designed by Unison National Black Members officers to help inform more effective representation of BME staff. (Copies of Unison’s Race Discrimination Protocol will be distributed at the stewards training day on Thursday).
  3. Unison National BME Staff Survey. Unison in partnership with the TUC and the Runneymede Trust is requesting all BME staff to fill in its workplace survey which will help inform the Unison, the TUC and the Runneymede Trusts joint project assessing the impact of austerity cuts in the public sector on BME staff. Black SOG members will be encouraging and supporting BME staff based at East Oxford Health Centre to fill in the survey. The Black SOG members based with Oxford Health Trust and Oxford University Hospitals will be encouraged to do the same. A Black SOG member will remind all stewards attending the branch stewards training day about this survey. (The Runneymede Trust is a specialist Race Equality Think Tank).    
  4. To produce and distribute leaflets publicising Unison Oxfordshire Health’s Black Self Organised Group.
  5. Black SOG meeting to be held bi-monthly
  6. Black SOG members to provide news/activities updates for Unison Branch newspaper.
  7. Black SOG social to take place at West Oxford Community Centre Botley Road in October (Black History Month).Exact date to be confirmed with invites extended to BME staff working for Carillion in Swindon’s Great Western Hospital. (Abdul and Nigel to liaise with Swindon)       

Other items:

A meeting date for the recently launched Oxfordshire BME NHS Staff Network is about to be confirmed (likely date 18th July – 12-2pm at the John Radcliffe Hospital) this meeting will be open to all BME NHS staff/people with an interest in equalities. Confirmation of the date will be emailed to Unison reps.  

The date of the next Unison Black SOG will probably be towards the end of August.

Do This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in or would like to discuss anything relating to Black & Minority Ethnic/Unison staff issues in the NHS.

Regards – Nigel

Nigel Carter

Oxfordshire Unison Health Branch Black Self Organised Group Rep.