Following the campaign to reject the cuts and a series of negotiation meetings Southern health Trust has reconsidered their original plan and has said it is now prepared to make concessions.


It has to be made clear,  however, that Southern health still wants substantial cuts in wages with the abolition of enhanced pay rates for unsocial hours which typically means a cut of £15% income. Enhanced rates for bank holidays will remain and an increase for the sleeping-in rate to £45, though pay for disturbances will not attract further enhancements.
Southern Health still want to cut annual leave to a basic 25 days.

What is now on offer

  • The threat of mass sacking on the 1st July has been withdrawn along with the requirement that staff sign up to new employment contracts by the 14th June or lose their limited pay protection.
  • Other trusts will be approached to see if they will offer any sort of preferential treatment to social care staff applying for jobs to retain their NHS terms and conditions.
  • There have been some modest improvements in pay and holiday protection.
  • The Trust has agreed to provide a list of staff affected to the union.

 The union has agreed to consult members about the new offer between the 10th and 28th June – should the members reject this deal the Trust reserves the right to announce mass sackings.
However the UNISON convener and Branch secretary from Oxfordshire UNISON Health branch have told Southern Health they anticipate the branch recommending rejection of the offer for the following reasons.

1.    This is a significant retreat from NHS pay - Agenda for Change
2.    There is absolutely no guarantee that the Trust or a future employer won’t come back for even more cuts.
3.    The offer of jobs in other Trusts at the moment has no substance.
4.    This is in breach of conference policy.
5.    We believe we should resist the employers pressure and build a campaign to force the council to continue funding learning disability services at least at the current level.