By Imran Hussain

I started working at the John Radcliffe in 2004 at the tender age of seventeen on a part-time basis, before completing a degree.  At the end of 2004 Carillion took over the management of portering, domestics and patient catering and retail amongst others.  Since then, I have seen a lot of inappropriate behaviour by all management teams and decided, therefore, to join UNISON after realising how important the function of unions are.  

By 2011 I had finished my degree and undertook training to become a steward for UNISON motivated by the unfair treatment of many of my colleagues - including bullying and other forms of subtle, and less subtle, behaviours.


On 13 October 2014 there was a legal NHS national strike for fair pay.  I helped organise this in my capacity as steward.  Three days later, I was targeted and suspended by the senior management team of Carillion as part of their campaign of intimidation.  The suspension was in breach of policy and relied on falsified allegations.

All charges withdrawn

On the 25th November at a meeting with stewards, Carillon national management and national UNISON Officials, senior management dropped their allegations and apologised for their actions.

A happy ending

Firstly I would like to make a big THANK YOU to all my co-workers at the John Radcliffe Hospital who have supported me, the hundreds of you who signed the protest petition against my suspension, the UNISON Health Branch, the Joint Union Committee and the Oxford and District TUC.  Also, much appreciation must be given for the sterling support of Andrew Smith MP.  I must also thank our Labour city councillors for all of their support and kind words.  Also, many thanks to Keep Our NHS public who made the link between low pay, outsourcing and privatisation.