One matter of great concern has been the introduction by Carillion of the 'Carillion employment contract' set at close to the minimum wage and minimum legal benefits. The reason for this, we believe, is to provide the 'contract' as a comparator with agency workers who are protected against unfair treatment under the Agency Workers Regulations. This might be seen as profiteering and abuse of people's lives.

Agency workers, amongst others, are being poorly treated by Carillion, given no facilities (such as rest rooms) and what facilities exist may be under threat because the Facilities General Manager has told the union the rest rooms are not needed as 'We pay them to work!' Our concern is that they pay Carillion and agency staff rock bottom minimum wages with no access to facilities and can bully them easily this way to work.  Its being reported to the union that agency, Carillion contract and Retention of Employment (RoE) workers are being treated like robots, exploited, bullied, victimised and treated as modern slaves wholesale. This three tier workforce also hurts the RoE staff as increasingly overtime is offered to ‘cheaper’ Carillion and Agency staff who don’t get full overtime rates.

One positive piece of news is that Carillion has now recognised that it has to speak to the union about pay - in the past it tried to deny this.