The Trade Union Bill is a new set of laws that will severely restrict working peoples' ability to organise for their own rights and campaign for a more progressive society. At its core the TU Bill is an attack on Union members and working people all over the UK and goes after some of the most fundamental elements of being part of a Union. The toughest parts of the Bill include:

Attacks on the right to Strike

The Trade Union Bill goes after the very ability for union members to act collectively through withdrawing labour from the workplace, damaging our ability to win on important issues that will make a difference in the day to day lives of members. New measures include:

The Conservative Government, claiming to be the party of ‘hard working blue collar workers’, is planning to double,
even triple, rents for working tenants in council and social housing.

To pressure tenants to buy their homes the government plans to force councils and housing associations to charge full market rents for households with a joint income of over £30,000 - doubling or tripling their rent.  A couple earning just £7.70 an hour each with 2 children in a 3 bedroom social housing in Oxford could see their rent rise by £170 a week.

The TUC, supported by major national trade unions,  has called a national demonstration at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester on October 4th against austerity and in defence of workers' rights.

Oxford and District TUC, Unison Oxfordshire Health branch, Banbury GMB and Oxford Peoples Assembly Against Austerity are working together to fund and coordinate transport from across Oxfordshire to the march and are seeking support from other Oxfordshire trade union branches and campaigns.  In June Oxfordshire unions successfully worked together to take coaches from across Oxfordshire to join the 250,000 strong "End Austerity Now" demonstration. 

Now we want to take people to Manchester to march on the Tory party conference.  If you would like to join us you can book your seat on the Oxfordshire transport using by clicking on the graphic at the top of the page.  Seats are free to UNISON Health branch members and their familiy and members of supporting unions. £12 for non-union waged and £6 concessions.

There is an urgent need to continue to mobilise in the face of an escalation in government attacks and growing inequality: