Solidarity from Oxfordshire Unison Health Branch Executive committee

The Unison Oxfordshire Health branch committee has sent a solidarity message to the ADEDY union federation of public sector workers in Greece which has called a general strike for Wednesday 15th July demanding that the Syriza government does not accept the harshest and most humiliating set of cuts and austerity on Greece in exchange for the possibility of a new set of loans.

"Oxi" is Greek for no.  UK trade unions will  also be saying "no" to austerity in the UK on 4th October in Manchester when there will be a huge demonstration outside the Tory party conference.

If the latest deal is accepted:

  • democracy in Greece will be all but abolished as the EU, ECB and IMF will be able to implement measures with the parliament reduced to rubber-stamping austerity.
  • VAT will rise meaning higher prices, pensions will be cut yet again and payments to poorer pensioners phased out. Some 50 billion euros of state assets will be privatised—and some of the workers re-employed since Syriza came to office in January will be sacked again.
  • Employment laws will be changed to make it easier to sack people and reduce workers’ rights.