We are facing

  • Huge job losses and service closures
  • Outsourcing of services with attacks on pay and conditions
  • A pay freeze as inflation hits 5.5% RPI
  • Attacks on our pensions - with an increase in contribution

The Con-Dem Coalition wants to drive through society shattering changes to our welfare system that will impoverish workers and the poor on a scale never seen in modern times.  Yet the money is there to provide decent jobs, wages, pensions and benefits for all.  The public debt is a small fraction of the national income than when we built the NHS and a million council homes.  The cuts are not about what we can afford but about politicians who want to put their belief in the market and profit before ordinary people's needs.  The cuts are unnecessary, unjust and unfair.  They can also be stopped.


Last weekend we saw the biggest trade union demonstration ever seen in this country.  Over half a million people marched to demand an alternative to the Con-Dem cuts that will devastate our public services and the NHS. UNISON had the biggest mobilisation on the day with over 200 branch banners and flags on the march and Oxfordshire UNISON branches organised 10 out  of the 23 coaches from around Oxfordshire.

Since the government is showing signs of retreat on its NHS reforms.

The march has shown a glimpse of the power that we have to win jobs, decent pay, pensions benefits and public services for all.  We now need to bring the spirit and the power of the national march to Oxfordshire.

Oxfordshire UNISON Health and Oxfordshire County UNISON have called a special joint meeting to plan the next steps to defending public services and all those who depend on them.

Stop the Con-Dem Cuts!

with branch and regional speakers

7.30 pm Thursday 7th April, Oxford Town Hall, St Aldates, central Oxford