Oxford Health Trust has written to all its employees to prepare them for changes after a review found that its finances posed a greater risk to its ability to continue to provide services in line with its Foundation Trust licence.

The trust, already one of the most efficient in the country, reported how it is treating 30% more people in Community Hospitals - a great boon to moving people on from general acute services.  The trust reported improvements in patient safety, activity and outcomes of psychological therapies, plus extended services to cover evenings and weekends to support local health and social care work better.
The problem is that it has a forecast deficit of £4.2 million by April 2015.  £1 million comes from work it isn’t being paid for and £1.7 million employing agency to fill gaps in staffing caused by poor retention and  recruitment.

All seats need to be booked.   See booking form or ring Dan on 07896687454

For people who have already booked departure times from Oxfordshire are:

  •     Didcot - rail station at 7.10 am
  •     Abingdon - bus stop outside Abingdon hospital at 7.25 am
  •     Witney - opposite Welch way library at 7.10 am
  •     Oxford St Giles - outside Taylorian institute at 7.45 am (City and County UNISON coach is Ashmoleum at 7.55)
  •     Oxford Headington  - London Rd bus stop opposite post office at 8.00 am
  •     Banbury - outside Town Hall at 8.15 am

Please let us know if you no longer need your seat, wish to change your pick-up point or want to book extra seats at the soonest possible time by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have notified us already of your intention to bring a mobility assistant (chair/bike etc) there will be people on hand to help you load.  All other items are your own responsibility and you should check space is available for large items if you have not already done so.

March sets of at 12.15 and final rally lasts about 2 hours and ends at 4.15.  We should return to Oxford around 7.30pm.  Pick up at the end of the day will be announced on the day

Drop off, assembly and route of march can below for thse who want to meet friends (from the TUC website  - it is not clear what the lettered areas are for - possibly closed roads and pick up points for coaches at the end). 



On 6th & 7th September MPs will be debating the future of the NHS. They will vote for or against a Bill, that if passed in it's current state will wreck our NHS by putting the needs of private health companies over those of patients and the public.

UNISON Health branch as called a rally as part of a national campaign to pressure MPs to vote to stop the NHS and Social care Bill.
Please show your support for the rally and show local MPs we will defend the NHS form the worst attack it has ever faced.

A film by Anne-Marie Sweeney produced for Keep Our NHS Public and Health Emergency.

Sugar Coating the Bitter Bill. 

Almost 90% of the population use the NHS for their healthcare, pass the link to this video on to them: http://www.vimeo.com/22384946 

What are many local GPs really thinking about Andrew Lansley's Health and Social Care Bill?

Louise Irvine is a GP in the deprived area of Deptford's New Cross. She believes that trusted local GPs are being used to sugar coat a radical denationalisation of the NHS.

We are facing

  • Huge job losses and service closures
  • Outsourcing of services with attacks on pay and conditions
  • A pay freeze as inflation hits 5.5% RPI
  • Attacks on our pensions - with an increase in contribution

The Con-Dem Coalition wants to drive through society shattering changes to our welfare system that will impoverish workers and the poor on a scale never seen in modern times.  Yet the money is there to provide decent jobs, wages, pensions and benefits for all.  The public debt is a small fraction of the national income than when we built the NHS and a million council homes.  The cuts are not about what we can afford but about politicians who want to put their belief in the market and profit before ordinary people's needs.  The cuts are unnecessary, unjust and unfair.  They can also be stopped.