Staff-side have been approached regarding changes to our pay protection, at the moment we receive up to five years pay protection in the event that we have been subject to organisational change, this is to protect us financially if there are not enough jobs vacant at our substantive band and we end up being slotted into a lower band.

Management are now proposing to reduce this to 6 months for staff with up to two years service and 12 months for staff with 2 years plus, this will be on a marked time basis with no inflationary uplifts:  this is unacceptable in a climate where there is the possibility of downgrading of jobs which is happening in other Trusts.

We have asked for time time to consult with members but will need to feedback by February 1st, can you please email UNISON stewards Anthea Parsons or Sharon Akers regarding your position on this change of your terms and conditions.