The UNISON ballot over the government’s final NHS pension proposal  started on 11th April.  Please use your vote to help decide the future of all NHS workers’ pensions.  The ballot closes on 27th April.

Oxfordshire unison Health branch has previously met and discussed the changes to the scheme that will see many NHS staff forced to pay more, work longer and get a smaller pension.

We are very concerned that this is an inadequate settlement and that by agreeing it we would undermine the public sector unity essential to defend our pensions, jobs and pay.

The Branch Committee feels that we have no choice but recommend strongly a vote  to reject and continued industrial action with our fellow trade unionists in health and the public services generally.

We will be holding meetings to discuss this position and provide members further opportunity to discuss the implications of the proposed new NHS pension scheme that will replace the current ones plus the new contribution rates that come into effect in the next pay for staff  earning over £26,558, and next year for everyone earning over £15,000.  Contribution rates are set to increase over the coming years.

Full time equivalent wage

including unsocial hours pay




Total increase in pension contribution

ie. real wage cut by 2014/15

Under £15,000                 0
£15,001 - £21,175                 £90 - £127 a year
£21,176 - £26,557                 £150 - £186 a year
£26,558 - £48,892                 £743 - £1371 a year
£48,983 - £110,273                 £2939 - £6616
£110,274+                 £6616 +


Please help to build the extraordinary branch meetings by displaying this poster.

Full details of the government's final pension offer can be found here.


●Work longer
The Tories still want to match to the state pension age. This is currently 68 for those under 35, but it’s going up all the time.
At the rate they now work us, what health worker still wants to do their job at 67? What health worker will be able to work to 67 for that matter?!
If you are within 10 years of your pension age now, you will be exempt from working longer, but what about everybody else?
If you cannot manage to work until 68 and retire “early” you will lose a lot of your pension.

Number years retire early

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Reduction in pension

5.1% 10.1% 14.7% 19% 23.1% 26.8% 30.3% 33.6% 36.7% 39.6%