Thought I'd share some news round an initiative at the Warenford Hospital. On Oct 7th UNISON members due to work will come in half an hour early to stand at the two hospital entrances with placards encouraging other memebrs to vote yes in the industrial action ballot.  We'll be handing out leaflets to explain the pensions campaign to everyone going on shift.  Staff rostered off or on leave are volunteering to fill in gaps.  

We already have volunteers from three wards and hope to get support from CMHTs, admin and clerical and faciities. We are aiming to cover early wards shift, 9 am starters, late ward shifts and night shifts. We also have volunteers to do the same at Littlemore hospital. It has been easy to get members to agree to take part, and this is a great way to show the strength of feeling for action and help to win more to vote yes and join the union.

Perhaps other constituencies could aim to do the same.  Naturally the more staff on each site involved the more effective.  Why wait to the Nov 30  to ask people to be active.  It also helps us sort out our organisation and the mood on the ground. Every steward and member should consider doing this at their site, and when they have done that look at a site that hasn't been done.

Feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss or to get support for an action you would like to carry out to build the yes vote.

All the best. Ian Mckendrick, Branch Communications Officer