UNISON, with other national unions, is in negotiations with the government over proposals to:

  • increase NHS pension contributions by 25% - 70%
  • increase the normal retirement age by up to 8 years
  • reduce the rate of growth of pensions in relation to inflation (up to 12% reduction in value of pension)

If these changes are imposed then all NHS staff can expect other detrimental changes to pay and conditions to follow. It will also impact on the rate at which services will be taken over by private contactors.

More information on the pensions campaign can be found on the UNISON national website

UNISON is now balloting members over the proposals and what action they wish to take in the Autumn and is asking members to make sure their home and work address details are up to date, as is there workplace, to ensure you recieve the relevant information and can have your say in any ballot. You can update you details by UNISON direct on 0845 355 0845 or through the national website if you know your UNISON number.   Alternatively you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to update your details.

The next pensions briefings to take place are:

Jubilee House 12.30pm Monday 26th Sept Conf Room A&B

Rectory Centre, Rectory Rd, East Oxford, 12-2 on Monday 26th September.   Download Rectory centre poster

Fulbrooke centre, Churchill hospital - seminar room, 12-2 on Tuesday 27th September.  Download Fulbrooke,Churchill poster

Nuffield Health centre, Witney - seminar room, 12-2 on Tuesday 27th September. Download Witney poster 

Wantage hospital - seminar room,  12-2 on Wednesday 28th September.   Download Wantage poster

Banbury, The Fiennes Centre (Horton hospital site) ,  12-1.30 on Thursday 29th September.  Download Banbury poster

Bicester community hospital - seminar room,  2-3.30 on Thursday 29th September.  Download Bicester poster

Luther Street 2.30pm Thurs 29th Sept.

Abingdon, Foxcombe court - meeting room 3 12-2 on Monday 3rd October Download Foxcombe court/Abingdon hospital poster

Townlands Hospital, Henley - Maurice Tate room 3 12-2 on Monday 7th October Download Townlands Hospital poster

Meeting times are this long to allow people to drop in depending on their lunch break. All welcome.

We need members in each work area to volunteer to be pension contacts and help prepare for the industrial action ballot that could see three million public sector workers strike on Nov 30th.  If would like to volunteer or help organise or publicise a meeting in your locality please mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..