The NHS scheme is under attack with current and potential future members looking at paying more, receeiving less and working longer.  UNISON is campaigning against these changes.

The following meetings have been organised to update you on the pensions issue – they are organised by UNISON but open to all staff. You may attend any of the meetings since these all deal with national issues.


All Staff Meeting: Monday 8 August 12:15pm – 1:30pm Seminar Room, Chest Unit, Churchill Hospital
Contact: Bryan Nicholls – ORH Unison Convenor (01865 2) 20123

All Staff Meeting: Tuesday 9 August 1:pm – 2pm NHS Oxfordshire, Conference Room A, Jubilee House Cowley, Oxford

All Staff Meeting: Wednesday 10 August 12:15am – 1:30pm Meeting Room in the Staff Restaurant, Horton General Hospital, Banbury Contact: Sheila Snooks, Unison Senior Steward in the X-Ray department (01295 2) 29185

All Staff Meeting: Wednesday 10 August, 5.30 pm, McInness Room, Warneford Hospital, Headington, Oxford.  Right click to download workplace poster

All Staff Meeting: Thursday 25 August, 10am, Northway Community Centre, Marsdon, OXFORD, OX3 9RF organised by Ridgeway Stewards.

The union is currently involved in negotiations with the government to try to protect our pensions. We hope these will be fruitful but only union members can decide. The union will need to ballot us about whether to accept or reject the government’s final offer – we urgently need union members to update their membership details to ensure we all get a say in any proposals.

Please go to or phone 0845 355 0845 to update your home address, your job title  and workplace details.

If your colleagues are not members of an NHS union they will not get a say in the future of the pension scheme – please invite them to join at or phone 0845 355 0845.  Alternatively you can recruit a friend using the form available on this website and get £5 for every new recruit (this offer is not open to stewards)