Unison strike bulletin Jan 2015 Page 2

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1982 Pay Dispute: members of NHS nursing unions - which later merged to form UNISON campaigned and took strike action to win improved pay and conditions - what was won by previous generations is now being eroded. Time to Act!

Please circulate the latest strike leaflet - click link to download

The industrial action thousands of health workers have already taken has kept pay in the media spotlight and won public support for NHS staff.   That action is helping us to win the argument over pay — even NHS leaders are now calling for a change of direction, recognising that more pay freezes will damage the NHS and patient care.

That puts more pressure on the government. Now we have to increase that pressure to make Jeremy Hunt change his pay policy and treat you fairly.

A fair deal for 2015

UNISON is very clear. This dispute is not just about the 1% PRB- recommended increase that was taken away from you last year. It is about the government’s plan not to give you a pay rise this year too.

That’s another year of your pay falling further behind the cost of living, of 77,000 staff earning below the Living Wage and of politicians saying you’re not worth a decent pay rise.

Now the government has announced plans to cuts unsocial hours payments which will make staff even more hard up and will make the recruitment problem worse.

Time to step up

That’s why we have planned two more days of strike action. A twelve hour strike between 9 a.m. and p.m. on Thursday 29 January and a 24 hour strike on Wednesday 25 February. Between these two strike days we are asking you to take your breaks and not to work for free. We will continue to work with employers to ensure that patient safety remains our priority during the action we are taking.

We know you support our fair pay campaign but it is only by standing together in UNISON that we can win a proper pay rise this year.

Step up and take part – help to make the action more successful and make a difference for yourself, your colleagues, your patients and the NHS.

Please circulate the latest strike leaflet - click link to download