The government has instructed the body which makes recomendations of NHS staff pay (NHS Pay Review Body) not to bother making a recommendation next year because the government has already made up its mind to continue the 0-1% plan.  A second letter tells the NHSPRB to make observations on how to move to 7-day working without any additional costs.  This is only possible with cuts in pay - most likely unsocial hours payments:
"For 2015/2016 the NHSPRB is asked to make observations on the barriers and enablers within the AfC pay system, for delivering health care services every day of the week in a financially sustainable way, i.e. without increasing the existing spend. The NHSPRB is asked to make observations on:
• affordable ‘out of hours’ working arrangements;"

At a time that staff are being asked to move to weekend and evening working, and when many core staff already work unsocial hours to ensure services are avaialable at night, weekends and bank holidays including Christmas, the attack on unsocical hours is likely to make people angrier and increase support for action in October.

Agenda for Change pay system for NHS staff: 2015 to 2016

Chief Secretary of the Treasury letter to NHSPRB 31 July 2014