Pay update

The Health Service Group Executive of UNISON has submitted an emergency motion to the UNISON Health conference calling for NHS members to be balloted over the government imposed pay deal which will see over 2/3rds of NHS staff get no pay rise this year, with the remainder getting a below inflation rise worth less than 1%.


Wages for NHS staff have fallen between 10% and 16% since 2008 yet employers and the government want more cuts in the national Agenda for Change contract that will leave staff even more worse off.  The government is now saying there will be no pay rise this or next year and there is no indication their position will change without a fight by NHS staff to demand an end to the cuts.  The government decision to impose the deal has over-ridden the official pay recommendation by the Pay Review Body.

The decision to ballot or not will be taken at the UNISON Health Conference that takes place 14-16th April.  Oxfordshire UNISON branch delegates have been instructed to vote for industrial action in accordance with the decisions taken by members and officers at the AGM and April's branch meeting on pay where members voted overwhelmingly for action.

Register to vote

Another way UNISON members can raise their concerns about the NHS and the pay deal and is by voting in the May elections.  If you want to vote you need to be registerd to do so.  If you have not already registered you can do so online 

Members registering to vote should be aware that your local council may aproach you about the council tax as a result of registering.