A week last Monday all of Oxfordshire's NHS Trusts were lining  up to run all services as normal (all services open) on the extra bank holidayon 29th April  without paying staff any additional pay for working on the a national holiday, though they would get an extra day off in lieu. 

UNISON stewards in Oxfordshire and Bucks Mental Health Trust united with other unions, and lodged a claim for unsocial hours payments for the 29th April for staff working the day making it clear that management's plans needed rethinking to reflect the dedication, hard work and expectations of staff.

After a few days deliberation management agreed to the joint union demand and has agreed to pay bank holiday pay for any staff having to work on 29th April.  This is approximately an extra £10,000 wages for staff having to work that day, though only a small fraction of the surplus staff have generated for the Trust through working harder and acepting a lot of changes.  UNISON argued that staff should have proper reward for putting the Trust in such a good financial position.

Since then Ridgeway and Oxfordshire PCT have also confirmed they will pay bank holiday unsocial hours pay rates for staff having to work on 29th April.

We urge staff at the Oxford Radcliffe and Nuffield Orthopaedic Trusts to let their managers know in no uncertain terms they expect the same.