You have a number of legal rights to protect your health and safety at work.  The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations state that employers must:

  • identify all hazards to you while at work
  • asses the risk (likliehood) of these hazards occuring
  • take action to prevent and minimise these hazards impacting on your health.

A failure to carry out any of these three points is likely to make your employer negligent and, if you suffer harm as a result, can seek compensation through the courts.  UNISON members recieve free legal help to pursue such cases.

Of course we would prefer that no-one is injured in the first place so UNISON reps work to ensure employers take their duties seriously and follow the law to protect their workers.  While anyone can ask their employer to follow the law and carry out a risk assessment on their work to develop a plan to keep them free from harm at work, an accredited Health and Safety union reps have some extra legal protection from victimisation from employers unhappy about being told they need to look after their employees better.

Guide to Risk Assessments