Our right to work in a safe and healthy workplace is under threat.

  • The government have cut the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) by 35%.
  • The HSE have decided to stop inspecting most workplaces in London from April.
  • In October, HSE’s popular and useful Infoline will be closed and not replaced.
  • The government have started a major review of all health and safety legislation.

The HSE have agreed to reduce all ‘proactive’ unannounced inspections by a third with immediate effect - that’s 11,000 fewer workplace inspections this year.

  • The following industries will now never get an unannounced inspection and only get a visit from an inspector after an accident or serious complaint:
    The whole of the public sector including health, education, local government, prisons and emergency services; public transport including buses and airports; the post office and parcel deliveries; quarries; agriculture; manufacturing industries including light engineering, plastics, rubber, furniture, printing and  paper.