The Branch Committee are ordinary memebrs of the branch elected to organise the work of the branch.  Committee members are elected every year and any member of the branch can stand for election to one of the positions on the committee.

The elections take place at the start of the year.

The following people were elected to the branch committee in Jan 2016


Branch Chair Susan Parkinson
Branch Secretary Jane Lacey
Treasurer Corrine Jack
Oxford health Trust Convenor Sharon Akers & Jane Lacey
Oxford University Hospitals Trust convenor Susan Parkinson
Southern Health convenor (Oxfordshire) Vacant
Oxfordshire CCG convenor Rosita Ellis
NHS South, Central and West CSU
Steve Curtis
Equalities Usha Chohan & Nigel Carter
Health and Safety Ann Dolan
International Chris Davis
Communications Ian Mckendrick
Welfare Sue Groves
Education Rosita Ellis
Recruitment John Ascough
Environment Trevor Gittens
Life Long Learning Fred Mafabi
Labour Link Vacant
Retired members Stephen Parkinson
Young members Georgie Lacey
Social Secretary Trevor Gittens
BAOT Dearbhla Dempsey
Healthcare student Vacant

Self Organsised Group reps

Womens' SOG

Susan Parkinson

Black Members' SOG

Gassim Turay

Disabled members' SOG

Abdul Rahman

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender members' SOG

Tina Thomas